Monday, June 8, 2009

Marketing in times of financial crisis: Tourism recovery strategies for turbulent times


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A common believe among tourism professionals is that the financial crisis has damaged the entire tourism industry evenly. In contrast, a closer inspection of tourism news and statistics from the last 6 months indicates that this is not always the case. Hence, while some tourism segments were severely damaged, others are demonstrating unique stability and firmness. Taken together with past crisis situations, these cases can be induced into four tourism recovery strategies that can assist tourism professionals in developing and marketing better tourism products for these turbulent times.

Religious Tourism
A recent report from Rome, Italy, indicates that tourism to the Vatican City stayed the same in spite of the crisis. That, demonstrating the devotion of the religious target audience. Similarly, Israel focused on religious tourism to keep attracting visitors during the on-going conflict in the early 2000’s. Using the slogan: “Don’t let your soul wait any longer, come visit Israel”, the country successfully addressed a well-segmented target audience that is less vulnerable to crises situations.

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