Monday, March 29, 2010

Modern Pilgrims: Refreshing in Mind, Body, and Soul

The Liguorian
Cover story/Spring 2010

Modern Pilgrims: Refreshing in Mind, Body, and Soul
by Kevin J. Wright
Travel is ministry. Yes, you read that right: travel is ministry. And there is no clearer connection between travel and ministry than within the context of pilgrimage. The Catholic Church has understood this relationship for centuries and therefore has promoted the concept of and importance of embarking on pilgrimages since the time of Jesus Christ. But it didn’t begin there; Jews also understood the significance of sacred travel, and the Old Testament is replete with stories of pilgrimage. Today, in the twenty-first century, pilgrimages remain a vital ministry and mission of the Christian faith.

But what exactly is “travel ministry”? Let’s first take a look at the word ministry. Ministry is generally defined as the spreading of the Gospel through evangelization, catechesis, and/or fulfillment of the spiritual and physical needs of others. Ministry is the rendering of one’s services to God and people.

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