Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Homeric Tours Launches New Faith Tours Brochure

Press Release from Homeric Tours:

With the introduction of our new Faith Tours brochure evidencing our commitment to the religious audience, 2009 is indeed an exciting year for Homeric Tours. With over 40 years of experience serving the greater travel community, specializing in the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Europe, it was time for Homeric Tours to distinguish its approach into this specialized area of the industry. This new brochure is a collaboration of our own research as well as the many requests that we have received over the years from our loyal group leaders. We are confident that our brochure will be well received by our existing clients as well as the marketplace as a whole.

Our new Faith Tours brochure has over 30 distinct itineraries that will help individuals achieve a better understanding of their faith, by visiting those sites significant to the beginnings of Christianity. The brochure is designed for coordinated group travel with an established group leader. However, we welcome the opportunity to work with active members of Churches, religious organizations and academic institutions looking to establish a trip within their organization. The general theme of the brochure is to promote an increase in faith oriented travel, not just enter into an existing market. We firmly believe that the Faith Based travel market is far from mature.

We feel that our brochure is unique in that it provides a broad spectrum of itineraries to choose from. In addition, not only can the itineraries be modified to suit the specific needs of your group, we can build an entire customized itinerary. Our experience as a provider of customized travel for so many years sets us apart from many of the existing participants in this industry.

We are very excited about our commitment to this niche industry and welcome the opportunity to assist members of the WRTA audience with. We invite you to visit our website where you can find additional information on our brochure, PDF versions of the brochure itself, a brochure and quote request kiosks and contact information to speak with one of our specialists. Our dedicated Faith Tours website is: and our toll-free number is 800-223-5570. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

John A. Klados
VP Marketing & Sales

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