Thursday, October 21, 2010

Note from Torre Ossmo of Faithful Holidays regarding Media Attention of Montreal and Faith Tourism

From the Desk of Torre Ossmo
Vice President & General Manager, Faithful Holidays

Hey, did you see this news story?

This means travel to Montréal is going to be booming soon, especially for religious groups (which is an $18 billion industry!).

I’m heading to the World Religious Travel Expo in Montréal Nov 13-15. It’s just $35 for travel agents, you’ll get one free hotel room night, plus the entertainment is going to be great – 12 Broadway Show acts at just one of the luncheons. Plus there are some great seminars there too.

Best yet.....if you bring a fellow travel agent or religious planner (i.e. religious leader) - BOTH of you receive FREE Expo admission. Can't beat that!

Join me at Expo 2010. You can register here:
Hope to see you in Montréal soon!


Torre Ossmo
Vice President & General Manager
Faithful Holidays
1225 Warren Avenue
PO Box 490
Downers Grove, Illinois 60515

Faithful Holidays is a division of Mayflower Tours, Inc. Based in the Midwest, Mayflower Tours is in its 31st year of service to the traveling public. Over the years Mayflower recognized a need for a more specialized type of travel – one where all the happiness and excitement of a destination is enhanced by emphasizing attractions and events that reinforce our beliefs.

Faithful Holidays (through its parent Mayflower Tours) is well suited to accomplish this. The company is family-owned and operated. Its employees cumulatively represent hundreds of years of experience in hospitality management. Mayflower posts a $1,000,000 Travelers Assistance bond with the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA) as sign of good faith that travelers’ monies are secure.

We offer churches, organizations and other affiliated groups the opportunity to travel together to those places that will enhance their beliefs. We also make available to travelers who do not belong to such a group the chance to be with like-minded people.

Clergy and group organizers are encouraged to contact us. Faithful Holidays can enhance the experience of faith-based travel while contributing to the overall well-being and enthusiasm of your spiritual family.

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