Sunday, September 6, 2009

Grand Bahama Island & Religious Tourism Six Goals

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The nation benefits immeasurably when Godly people gather to pray and discuss issues central to transforming the human condition. In addition, the economic benefits are potentially huge if we are minded to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors motivated by our many events and our spiritual heritage. Religious Tourism I’m told is an 18 billion dollar industry.

The Bahamas religious history, geographical location and strong spiritual foundation make us ideal for setting up multi-purpose facilities, to accommodate:

1. Small or Mega Christian conferences
2. Mega gospel concerts
3. Christian camps or retreat facilities
4. Christian cruises throughout the islands, originating in Freeport
5. Christian tours exploring Bahamian churches, religious rituals, Bahamian burials and a multi-media history of religion in the Bahamas .
6. A full Christian village that reflects Christian motifs, art, family friendly facilities and events

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