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Lifetree Adventures Announces New Christian Travel Destinations

Loveland, CO (OPENPRESS) September 25, 2009 --
Lifetree Adventures today announced their Christian travel destinations for 2010. With 16 destinations including Vanuatu and Peru there is now a destination for everyone.Volunteers will be able to walk among biblical ruins and help bring in a harvest to feed hungry Israeli children, or live on an Amazon riverboat cruising up the Ucayali River and then stopping at an Indian village to help build their church.The 16 Christian travel destinations for 2010 include:

Alaska Christian Travel ItineraryVolunteers will journey into the Alaskan bush where they will live in a village and work alongside men, women, and their families. Experience everyday life in the Alaskan wild, and spend time learning about their traditions. Life in the village is very hard, and the time volunteers spend with them, showing God’s love to these amazing people, will make a difference for years to come.

Costa Rica Christian Travel ItineraryFrom cool, moist rainforests to sun-kissed beaches, Costa Rica offers something for everyone seeking adventure. This land is stunningly beautiful and peaceful—there hasn’t been an army in Costa Rica since 1949.

Egypt Christian Travel ItineraryVolunteers will see the Great Pyramid, the only Ancient Seven Wonders of the World” still standing, ride by camel among the pyramids, walk through massive temples in Luxor, and be transported back to a time when pharaohs ruled the land.

Israel Christian Travel ItineraryIn Israel the word “old” should be used sparingly— most of its cities’ ages are counted not in centuries, but in millennia. Israel is home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and of course there is Jerusalem—a historical and spiritual home to the three main religions of the world. Christian travelers with Lifetree will serve in homes and help at a food bank.

Kenya Christian Travel ItineraryIn the capital city of Nairobi, volunteers will work alongside Christ’s followers who selflessly help some of the city’s poorest people. The work that needs to be done includes: feeding programs, healthcare, vocational education, providing homes for children of parents who have died of AIDS, and empowering church leaders with training seminars.

Mazatlan Christian Travel ItineraryVolunteers will make a real difference in Mazatlan as they help build a home for a well-deserving family. Not only will they learn a couple of new skills, they’ll dig into the Mexican culture and feel at home in a suburb of Mazatlan. You’ll make new friends as you work alongside the people who will live in the house once it’s done. And you’ll take home wonderful memories of your service to people in need. It will be an unforgettable trip.

Peru Christian Travel ItineraryFor over 25 years Group Workcamp’s ministry partners have been reaching the people of the Ucayali River by boat. But recently they completed a new, large sailing vessel—the Evangelista—to expand their work of bringing the good news to the people on the river. This boat will be travelers’ home away from home. Be a part of a ministry expedition to serve, share experiences, and even learn from villagers. Volunteers will help educate, develop relationships, take part in construction projects, be a part of church activities, and micro-business development will make an impact on the community.

For more information, or to reserve a spot on the new Christian travel itineraries, travel agents and travelers can go to or call 800-747-2157 Monday through Friday MST.Lifetree Adventures is a new division of Group Workcamps Foundation, a leading non-profit mission organization offering Christian travel trips for youth and adults for over 30 years.

Lifetree offers Christian travel options to Kenya, Thailand, Peru, New Orleans, Israel, Mazatlan, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Uganda and Vanuatu with new destinations being constantly added. Through Group Workcamps, over 250,000 volunteers have provided more than 7 million hours of volunteer service to projects in hundreds of U.S. and international locations.Contact:Michelle Clavijo-DiazLifetree AdventuresLoveland, CO800-747-2157 .

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